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Online Product List

Full Product List

Fresh Produce

Freshly Baked Breads

In House Prepared Vegetables

Dairy & Eggs


Charcuterie, Dried Meats & Smoked Fish

Dried Fruits, Nuts & Pulses

Flour, Baking Items & Desserts

Dry Stores

Non Food Items

Chutneys, Jams, Honeys & Purees

Mayo, Stocks & Sauces

Fats, Oils & Vinegars

Hot & Cold Drinks

Olives, Preserved Fruits & Veg

Frozen Items

Restaurant Quality to your door.

Business Online Ordering

We have been working on our Online Ordering system for a few months now.  We are working our way though our customers to set them up with accounts and give them a tutorial on how it works.

If we haven't contacted you yet please feel free to contact the office and we can assist you further.

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